Think TED talk - meets the message of Jesus - meets meaningful conversations! 

We are serious about helping you connect with the message and teaching of Jesus found in the Bible. Each Sunday you can count on honest and engaging conversations. Yes, you get to dialogue with us! 

What to expect

  • The experience lasts one hour.
  • We don't care how you dress, so dress comfortable.
  • We are not here to judge, so come where you are spiritually.
  • We use music, art, personal stories, media and technology to bring the message of Jesus to life using everyday words. 
  • We won't make you sing songs you don't know. 
  • We offer a time of dialogue every Sunday.
  • We offer learning environments for elementary aged kids. It helps to come about 15 minutes early to get them checked in and to grab a cup of coffee.
  • We are technology friendly, so we encourage you to use your device. While you are with us, we will encourage you to keep in touch by signing-up for our email and text communications. You can do that now by clicking here. 
  • We like to use the free YouVersion Bible app during services. Look for it in your app store. Don't feel pressured to have it. We will put our message and bible references on the screens. 

We Meet Sundays at 10am

4665 Raleigh Street in Denver 80212