What would it look like if the church acted more like a community?

We get it. There is a lot of confusion, inconsistency and hurt associated with church. Church history is full of the damaging effects of religion. What began as a beautiful expression of community, grace, and faith can often times act like the complete opposite. Jesus intended for His Church to function like a community. The reason Jesus came is the reason we exist. 

...because everyone needs more hope, genuine community and a clearer picture of God's love...

We will not offer people empty religion, but a fulfilling experience with Jesus.

We will not exclude anyone, but give of ourselves to provide a safe place to ask questions, be in process and become more like Jesus.

We will not turn away from the brokenness in ourselves or in this world, but bring the sacrificial love and healing message of Jesus to it.

...we pursue Jesus, build community and restore hope

"5280 Church is a community where you can find, rebuild and do something significant with your faith."