Everyone has questions. Everyone deserves more than a one-sided answer. 

There is No Script

This is not a study. There is no lecture. You bring your questions. That's where we will start. Below is how we will explore your questions together.

  • Conversation 1: What's your story?
  • Conversation 2: Who is God? What is He like?
  • Conversation 3: What about our hangups and hurts?
  • Conversation 4: What is your next step?

Let's begin a conversation.

Starting Point is a place to ask questions without the pressure of going to church. We'll meet in a non-church setting. We can meet individually, or in a small group of 4-6. There is no pressure. No judgement. No catch. Just honest dialogue about life and faith in Jesus.

Starting point is a series of four 1 1/2 hour conversations. Your questions are important. Let's take the time to process them. 

I'm Ready to Get Started!

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